Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holy Broken Interweb!

Actually, holy broken power company.  I've been losing power daily recently, and it's the sort of thing that's an annoyance at first.  Then I realize my modem needs to be refreshed from the server, and my router needs to be reset and reconfigured or neither will work together.  It is a pain.  And it is happening daily (twice yesterday).

Combine that with a quick hitting cold last week, and the 918 Photo updates have been lacking.  Right after I made the twice weekly claim no less.

Well the power is on, all network related devices are running as they should be, and I'm gonna sneak an update in while I can.  Enjoy.

So, 918 Photo is starting to get noticed, and the client count is on the rise.  Our $100 individual headshot/portrait session price is certainly helping.  We're getting lots of headshot requests, which is awesome, they're fun to shoot.  They're so similar, yet so different every time out.  If you've yet to get in on that headshot/portrait special, get in while the getting is good.  That special introductory price of ours will not last.

I've had some great shoots over the past week, which you'll be seeing in the coming days.  Some headshots, some sibling portraits, some night time experimental work.  I'm attending a wedding this weekend (as a guest, not photographer) so I'll have some wedding (guest) shots to throw up in the next couple of weeks.  Plus, it's hot, and my dog is at the beach a lot.  So, dog beach shots.  Many things I tell you!

Today I'm also excited to announce a special family portrait session.  Special you say?  Special in that we're talking...

- a 2 hour shoot
- individual shots of each family member
- group shots
- whatever other pairings you'd like (the kids together, the parents together, males/females together...)
- your location(s) of choice
- color images and black and white images
- $300
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Addison, Part 2

Addison returns today, so long bees. For now...

This is a quick update today, very little to say about these that wasn't said in part 1. This shot you're looking at up top would have been my favorite shot ever had I not also managed to the get the one from part 1.

I just like every single thing about those two shots. When you think about typical headshots, they're not ideal headshots.  But they're fantastic shots nonetheless.  Personally, I think a shot like that might stand out amongst the rest in a pile of headshots. So maybe it is a great headshot. Who knows?!

The Addison shots will continue later in the week. She was a fantastic model, and there are a large number of great shots to show off. And that is that. Come back for part 3.
Thursday, May 6, 2010


Welcome back, and thanks for coming back.  I've said it before, but "more regular" updates are coming.  Just exactly what that means, I'm not yet sure.  But at least twice a week.  Here's number two for this week, and it's a dooz(zzzzzz!)y.

So I decided to break up Addy's photo shoot with some of the nature shots I've gotten lately. Those of you looking for more headshots, they're coming. For now, bees!


BEES?! Yes, bees. Bees for Old Bear. He loves the honey!

Arrested Development, great show, or greatest show?

For those of you still on board, let's get to the bee pictures! These were taken at my parents house a couple of weekends ago. The day was winding down, the sun slowly starting to set, and this beautiful apple tree was full of bees going about their bee business. Or should I say, buzz-ness? I should not.

I stood there for probably close to an hour watching them work. As the time passed the bees thinned, closing up their business (buzz-ness? It's sticking) for the day. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to try to keep a bee in frame at full zoom on a 300mm lens. Difficult!
Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And We're Back!

Hey hey, bet you thought 918 Photo was dead and gone. But alas, 918 Photo returns... from beyond the grave! Or not, beacause there was no death. And I can go on and on like this...

So, you'll remember when last we talked, 918 Photo had a client. It was an exciting time for all. Unfortunately due to an amazing and unfortunate sequence of events/disasters in the client's life, the shoot was pushed back a few times. Eventually though we were able to get together and shoot this thing. Have I mentioned 918 Photo is flexible?

So over the next few posts we'll be rolling out some of the favorites from Addy's shoot. Addy (and her mom) wanted to do some headshots for her burgeoning acting career, as well as some full body shots and poses for her modeling/pagent work. This shoot went longer than a normal scheduled session would (probably twice as long), but that's what you get when you're client number one. Bonus time.

A few things I should mention about the shoot. This was shot in one location, at one time. A few different looks, a few different backgrounds, but this was all one shoot. Amazing, no? Yes! Have I mentioned 918 Photo is versatile?

This shot up at the top (and larger below) is quite possibly my favorite photo I've ever taken. In fact many in here crack my all time favorites list (of people). It was a ver productive shoot. But this one, wow. Favorite shot ever.

This shoot proved slightly difficult in the lighting. The one thing that really was an issue during the shoot. I love natural light, I'd much rather shoot outdoors than in, but the sun was in and out of the clouds all day. One or the other would be fine, but so many times the sun would pop in or out just as I was snapping off a shot, screwing up the light completely. And yet still, this shoot was a success.